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Serving the Eastern Shore since 1972


Tree removal can be extremely dangerous - to you and your property! It's definitely a job best left to the professionals. Licensed tree care specialists like Eastern Tree Service have the equipment and knowledge to be sure your trees are removed safely and completely. We can also assess your tree to determine if removal is necessary, or if trimming or transplanting are good alternatives.


Eastern Tree Service has one of the tallest bucket lifts on the Shore. There's no tree too tall for us to tackle! Our stump grinding equipment will also make sure all evidence of the tree is gone when we're done.

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Sometimes trees decide to come down on their own... When that happens, we can get you ship-shape in no time. We respond promptly to emergency calls - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - so that you can get repairs underway. 

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Unchecked tree limbs can cause serious damage to your roof and siding. They can also be unsightly. Trimming and pruning are important not only to maintain your property, but also to protect the health of your trees. It helps ensure that limbs don't become so heavy they break, which can ultimately kill your trees.

We can provide one-time trimming service, or set you up with a regular schedule. Whenever we trim, we always assess the overall health of the tree. If there are any issues you should be aware of, we'll let you know.

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Sometimes a tree needs to be moved, but if not done properly, it can seriously damage or even kill your tree. It's a job best left to the pros. We can assess the condition of the tree, the best conditions in which to move it, and the best location to serve as its new home. We have the proper equipment to make transplanting a tree as gentle as possible. We'll also provide information about how to care for a tree after it's been replanted. 

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A lightning strike can be devastating to a mature tree. It's heartbreaking to lose a favorite tree to lightning, and if it happens close to your home or business, it can be dangerous. A copper cable system can be installed onto a tree to direct the impact of a lightning strike into ground rods beyond the tree's drip line. The finished result is inconspicuous and provides permanent protection for your tree. It's an investment many people are glad they've made whenever a big storm hits!

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Cabling and bracing systems protect trees from damage caused by high winds, heavy snow and ice, or even just the weight of their own limbs. Steel cables are installed to help distribute the weight and prevent excessive movement in high winds. This is an important part of the care plan for large trees, especially if their positioning makes them vulnerable to severe weather events.

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