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We have a high standard of service for every job we do. All work is done completely, safely, and the site is left clean and ready to enjoy.


These are just a couple examples of recent projects. Visit our Services page to learn more about how we can help protect and add value to your property.

Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians

The Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians is an organization of descendants of the native people of the Dorchester County region. The Hughes African Methodist Episcopal Chapel, circa 1894, was gifted to the tribe. Many members of the congregation identified themselves as survivors of the Nanticoke and Choptank Indian communities. Today, the Nause-Waiwash tribe uses the building as a long house for meetings and ceremonies.


Eastern Tree Service was contracted to remove a large tree that was hollow on the inside and affected by fungus. If the tree had fallen, it could have destroyed the history the tribe has worked so hard to maintain.  



Before & After.jpg


Before & After 1a.jpg

Residential Lot Clearing

Eastern Tree Service was contacted by the owner of residential building lot to help get it ready to be listed for sale. The lot had been previously cleared twelve years earlier when a septic system was installed. However, there had been substantial regrowth in the intervening years. It was nearly impossible to walk onto the lot because of dense trees and thorns. This meant potential buyers were unable to verify the septic system or envision how their home could be oriented on the lot.

We cleared the trees, shrubs, and thorns from the area that would be the building envelope of a new house. We also ensured there was a clear and open path to the septic system. Per the owner's request, we left as many mature trees as possible to provide privacy from neighboring homes.





Easton Tree Removal

This homeowner contacted Eastern Tree Service to remove a large tree that was much too close to the house and in poor condition. The proximity to the house required extra care and attention to detail to ensure the tree was removed safely. The "after" speaks for itself... The new unobstructed view reveals the home's charm and showcases it in its best light.


Easton - Before.jpg


Easton - After.jpg
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