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How to Choose a Native Tree for Your Home

There are many advantages of choosing native trees for your home. The most significant is that native trees require less maintenance and are more adaptable to the area's climate and conditions. Over the years, this can mean a lot less work (and cost!) to keep your trees healthy and happy.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers some great advice about choosing the right native tree(s) for your landscape. Their recommendations include factors such as fast growing vs. slow growing trees; trees well suited for wildlife habitats; trees that offer good shade; and trees that offer beautiful flowers or colorful leaves throughout the year.

In addition, DNR offers the "Marylanders Plant Trees" incentive program to encourage the planting of native trees. Homeowners can download a $25 coupon for the purchase of a tree from the approved list. They provide a list of nurseries who participate in the coupon program on their website.

When it comes time to plant, Eastern Tree Service can help! We can also remove any dead or dying trees to make room for your new native trees. Let us know if we can help!


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